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Critter Relief Wildlife Control Services

The Ozarks is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife, however these critters can become a hazard to homes and property.
Critter Relief will not only remove them but help deter their return. We do not use chemicals or do bug control. Call For A Free Estimate!

Squirrels can invade our homes and become destructive in the attics of our houses.

Our pets can get lost or stuck in a tree, we help you find or retrieve your pet.

Feral Hogs is a farmers nightmare, they can destroy a field of crops very fast. 

We will address your issue efficiently using humane methods of removal and trapping. We understand that wildlife animals can be a serious threat to your home and health. Critter Relief treats your house like our own, we understand the urgency and will be sure to get the critter out of your home as quickly and safely as possible. Critter Relief services the greater Springfield Missouri area and is locally own and operated.

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