Lost Pet Retrieval Service 417-763-4666

The inconvenience of a lost pet in the morning before work can be a costly burden. Critter Relief’s lost pet services will save your pet from unsanitary visits to the city pound. The longer they are loose the higher chance of being injured by vehicles or other animals. We will obtain your pet until you can retrieve it or we will return it to your property. Additionally we will find the exit route of your pet and repair the issue.

Lost Pet Services

Lost pet - Dog running

Run Away Pets

Pets can get loose at the worst times. Searching a neighborhood for a Dog who is having fun exploring can be time consuming. Having been raised in Springfield, Mo. we know just about every ally and park in the city. Call Us For Help

Lost Pet - Kitten

Cats Stuck In Trees

The curious kittens love to climb. They can get to far in a tree and get stuck. We will safely retrieve your loved one.

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