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The Ozarks is full of amazing critters big and small, but most of us like to keep them at a distance for safety reasons. Unfortunately these animals can invade our homes and property. They can become a fire hazard and dangerous to a household. For example squirrels like to invade attics and end up chewing on electrical wiring and leave hazardous fecal matter that can ruin drywall and other interior building material. Raccoons also like to get into houses and build nests for their young with the same results as squirrels. Not only are the destructive to your investment on your house they also keep you awake at night with their activity. Wildlife is also destructive to the  foundation of buildings, for example Armadillos and groundhogs like to borrow underneath concrete foundations and other out building and fences. When they hunt their food they they dig holes in your lawn that can cause you grass to die and undesirable scenery.  For dependable humane wildlife removal Critter Relief is locally owned and operated.  Call or email your issue, we can solve it and deter the return of the problem critter.  

Removal Services

Wildlife Removal - Raccoon in trap

Live Trapping

The most humane way of wildlife removal is live traps. Non-lethal and relocation of the critters to the countryside. Critter Relief will come evaluate your individual issue and come up with a plan to resolve your wildlife issues. 

Wildlife Removal _ House with white fence

Damage Repair

Full damage repair service with 15 years of experience in home remodeling. We will locate wildlife entrance areas and come up with ways to professionally fix your house so they can not return. We also repair and clean damaged property, like bat feces on brick siding and any other material. Once the wildlife removal is complete we will fill all holes and repair all damage.   

Wildlife Removal_ Skull

Dead Animals

Dogs like to hunt and bring back dead wildlife that they have captured. This can include anything from moles to deer fawns dead or alive we will remove them. Call us to dispose of the remains of dead animals. Wounded animals tend to go under homes to find their final resting place, which can leave foul odor in or around your home.

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